Thursday, 25 February 2010

Light Night

This was another grrrrreat night! Light Night is a City Council run event, which [unlike it’s Parisian counter-part] only lasts a few hours. The idea is that the city is lit up with performances, art, music et all for one night. I think it’s an awesome night though... much room for expansion!

Dance4 were there in full glory bringing Nottingham FIVE great artists for the crowds’ viewing pleasure.

Set in Congregational Hall, and presented as ‘Dance4 Presents... Improvisation Congregation’, it really was a crazy concoction. We had all four dance artists and one musician set within a sunken hall, surrounded by rows of pews.

While the musician, Jamie, worked with strings, organs, keys, he manipulated the set using digital means. The dancers were left to improvise around the space, which looked beautiful and weird and mesmerising, especially with the backdrop of pews and expansive arches encircling the scene.

I bumped into a few friends who came the following night, and were happily surprised by their reviews [I wasn’t sure what their take on it would be]. Apparently, they found it pretty funny at first, quickly got sucked in, wanted to join the performers and had consequently been talking about it to people all day. It’s awesome to get the opinion of those who might never have experienced anything like that before...

The building had a constant flow of people, [which was possibly helped along by the fact we occasionally had six foot metal dragon stationed outside our doors], and the night was a great success for Nottingham all round.


Who’s up for checking out Paris’ Nuit Blanche next October?