Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Leicester: Big Screen

Something to note for Leicester-ites. I got this email a while back, but after meeting few more Leics-dwellers at last months EMPAF Event [tres interessant, and I might post about this event soon. Any creatives within the East Midlands participatory arts scene should check these guys out. Now!], I thought, I may as well add info I receive for our regional brother!

"Think of it as a city centre venue rather than a big screen. There'll be live opera and concerts, interactive games, events, short films by local film makers, artistic pieces and videos from local bands.

The screen is one of a growing number of Big Screens across the UK and will be a showcase for community projects, film makers, bands and artists from across the region and beyond.

With its camera on top and ability to relay live events, Leicester's new Big Screen is much more than just a big telly. Why not make sure you're on it?"

words courtesy of BBC Leicester
Find out more HERE.