Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dance4 Presents... Intern

This week, we talk to:
Laura Cherry, Dance4 Presents... Intern

Are you from Nottingham? 

No. I’m from London.

What do you think of the creative scene in this city?
Really impressive actually. I like the fact theres not just theatres, theres also Nottingham Contemporary, and other places which are not just designated to one type of art. A lot of galleries and so on. I like how everythings close together, really accessible, not miles apart like some places.

And what brings you to Dance4?
My placement for university. I've travelled all this way as it’s a really good organisation. You touch on all different areas. Especially experimental dance which I love.

Have you enjoyed your time here?
I have. Its been very… inspiring and informative and very nice because everyones lovely. And it really benefits me and my future career because its an insight into the professional world which is nice to have before I leave uni. Everyone should go on placement, a lot of people can just be dreamers in uni...

How many times have you been here?
First time!

How long have you been involved in the Dance sector?
Since I was five. I started doing ballet and modern and disco which was amazing. I joined an amateur theatre company doing musical theatre for a long time, then I started going to contemporary dance youth groups in northants with northantsDance. Then YDE in 2007 and carried doing contemporary. I then moved to London doing a BA in Dance Performance and joined a company, DRA Dance Collective beginning of last year. We're a company who collaborate with fashion designers, musicians and filmmakers to create a company that is for the general public for the purpose of promoting contemporary dance.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done this year?
Being a part of DRA. Weve done loads... Glasto, music videos... We do all the admin, marketing and everything. I've learnt a lot from Dance4 regarding that. Especially on how to really go for it.

What you’re favourite tea?
Oh. Green. (!)

When we say Dance, you say…?

[Linzi: 'We’ve branded her already!']

If you could as us one question, what would it be?
Can you set one a place up in London please??

Monday, 25 January 2010

Dance4 Cookie?

When branding meets food...

Any of you who have ever received an email, letter, seen a brochure, or even got the monthly newsletters from Dance4 will notice the blaaa-tant branding involved.

Black text.

Notice my delight as I see Helvetica Cookie Cutters

Dance4 Cookies anyone??

image courtesy of Beverly Hsu

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Charleston

This week.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Promotion Part

So as you can see, I am a Creative Apprentice in Live Events and Promotion.

I saw this 7:43 short film a few days ago made by Pringle of Scotland. In it, Tilda Swinton [The White Witch?] is attentively followed by Ryan McGinley's camera [one of my favourites] through a Scottish forest, field, castle and sea. All the while, she is wearing a number of Pringle's pieces from their newest collection and well, they look pretty beautiful.

It got me thinking about the promotion part and the effort that brands have to go to sell their products.

In a few years, how are we supposed to grab people's attention? How are we meant to engage audiences with our ideas? To what lengths are we meant to go to stand in a sea of competitors?

Monday, 18 January 2010

I like clothes


images courtesy of the Botanski Flickrstream 

...but perhaps this is too much?

Read more about Christian Boltanski HERE.
And read more about Personnes HERE
Also, read about the annual event that is Monumenta HERE.

+ Monumenta 2010 
+ Christian Boltanski: Personnes 
+ Grand Palais, Paris, France 
+ Wednesday 13 January - Sunday 21 February 
+ €4.00 Standard Admission

Friday, 15 January 2010

Let's Dance Instead!

Just found a group on Facebook.

Again, Nottingham kids... While you're all obviously coming to Nottingham Contemporary next weekend [see earlier post on this], another happening is happening before the Saturday 23 January installation peice at the Contemporary.


image courtesy of Let's Dance Instead!

"Come join us [Let's Dance Instead] on saturday the 23rd of January in Nottingham City Centre to dance instead of buying more things we don't need! We'll be dancing for around an hour. Meet us at 1pm outside Victoria Shopping centre the doors with the clock tower. All you will need is something to listen to your music on and your best dance moves!!"

Remember, later that day... 

+ Nicola Conibere The Beckoning and the Escapades
+ Saturday 23 January 2.00-5.00pm
+ Nottingham Contemporary

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Dance4 Presents...At Nottingham Contemporary

If you're around Nottingham 22-24 January, make sure you get down to Nottingham Contemporary

Dance4 are working in conjunction with the newest artistic space in town to present three days of performance. Exciting stuff...! See you there.  



Dance4 Presents...

Three days of performance 

22 Jan 2010 - 24 Jan 2010

In collaboration with Nottingham Contemporary, Dance4 presents three days of performances from established and emerging artists.
The programme will include critically acclaimed artists as well as some exciting newcomers who cross artistic disciplines to deliver an intriguing array of work that explores sound, film, text and movement.

For tickets and more information please contact Dance4 on 0115 941 0773

Wendy Houstoun, Keep Dancing
Friday 22 January, 8pm
£12 or £8 concessions
Dance4 presents the latest performance by luminary performance artist, Wendy Houstoun. ‘Movement, text, technology and humour combine in the solo 'Keep Dancing', as dance theatre artist Wendy Houston plays a typist locked in a loop of action and distraction.’ Timeout

Nicola Conibere The Beckoning and the Escapades
Saturday 23 January, 2-5pm
Free (no need to book however spaces are limited)
A playful and revealing installation exploring the relationship between live performance work and its audience through a series of everyday interactions.

Work in progress: Triple Bill
New Art Club, Guy Dartnell, Gabriele Reuter
Sunday 24 January, 2.30pm
£8 or £5 concessions
An exciting afternoon of work in progress offering an insight into new ideas as well as the opportunity to engage in discussion with the artists.

Tickets are on sale now from Dance4 on 0115 941 0773. Group booking discounts available, please call for more details.

The first opportunity to see live performance at Nottingham Contemporary.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010



So, I started back in the office last week after possibly The Best Christmas And New Year Ever. Much happened. Blah di blah.

And much to happen...

Tonight I went to a special needs school nearby. Really interesting to hear what the staff thought about dance and it's relevance to young people who aren't as physically able as others.

Couldn't help but think of something I saw a while ago. Some Sports Psychologists monitered Athletes visualising themselves performing on the field, on the track, and so on. As they saw these images, the actual muscles that would have  been used reacted in the same way they would have done if they had actually taken part in the physical performance. Does that make sense? I might do a bit more research on this. Back to the books. Anyone know more on this?