Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Friday February 06 and Sunday February 06 2010
+ Nottingham Playhouse
+ Over 300 Performers
= Fun tiiiiimes.

As one of the biggest projects I’ve supported so far, it’s fair to say I was pretty... grateful I had some excellent people showing me the way!

With months of preparation, I learnt A TON about how something of this magnitude is organised. The smooth runnings of 300 young performers over two days in one of Nottingham’s premier venues [A.K.A Nottingham Playhouse] was no mean feat, but thankfully Helen, who headed up the whole project was On It.

Each day beginning pretty damn early, and thankfully we had a small crew of volunteers consisting of uni students/recent grads to help out the manic day. Helen had organised it so there was basically a running conveyor belt – in this way, we knew exactly where everyone was at any given moment, nothing was static. Kirsten, myself and the brillllliant Playhouse Staff, then managed the performers within the boundaries set – all making for a smooth, smooth night!

I love that moment in a performance when suddenly nothing else matters; you have an aim, you have a job, and you do it. Adrenaline kicks in, and everything is realising itself around you.

The performances ranged from contemporary to street, south asian inspired to ballet; something to suit everyone and perhaps introduce something new audience members. We also had Vernon Coaker, along with our Director, Paul Russ, presenting speeches before the shows, which I felt was quite an honour.  [For those not aware, Vernon Coaker is Minister of State for Schools and Learners. Great that he must see this as an important opportunity for young people!]

For photos of the performances, check out Dance4's Facebook HERE and HERE!
All photos by the marvellous David Severn. Big up!