Sunday, 28 February 2010

Looking Into The Past

Following my visit to Curve on Friday, I spent some time filling in a questionnaire [all will be revealed soon...] that made me look back at the past six months of my Creative Apprenticeship.

I'd not actually realised that I'm halfway through. Already!!

And coincedentally, this weekend I came across Looking Into The Past, a Flickr Group containing shots such as these...

images courtesy of Looking Into The Past
Nice, oui?

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Curve, Leicester

So, in a couple of weeks, we have an event extravaganza called U.Dance East Midlands. It’s held at 800 capacity Curve, Leicester and is...

 "a visual feast of dance highlighting the exceptional talent of young people and celebrating the wealth of youth dance in our region. Prepare to be blown away…"

Yesterday, I went for a few meetings with Linzi [who is heading up the event] at Curve, and was blown away by the sheer magnitude of the place! It’s basically a building within a building, and for those of you who haven’t been before, or seen it, you must check out their website. The stage itself is surrounding by moving walls, which can be raised up. When we arrived, and as I was shown to the huge stage for the first time, I saw this --->

..and was rather confused.
“So that is the stage?” I ask.
“That is the stage” they answer.
“What the..$%&;%”!” I think.

[N.B. And if my wee illustration hasn't painted a beautifully detailed depiction of the place, visit their website for a more comprehensive and virtual tour of the place... :o]

Immense = the only word I can use to describe its architectural design.
Thankfully, Linzi, Vanessa and everyone else involved have obviously been there plenty of times; I, on the other hand, am definitely going to need another visit, and another session studying the floor plan before I get my head around helping the management of 200 performers for U.Dance. Should be exciting. 

Friday, 26 February 2010

Creative Block?

Image courtesy of ISO50

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Light Night

This was another grrrrreat night! Light Night is a City Council run event, which [unlike it’s Parisian counter-part] only lasts a few hours. The idea is that the city is lit up with performances, art, music et all for one night. I think it’s an awesome night though... much room for expansion!

Dance4 were there in full glory bringing Nottingham FIVE great artists for the crowds’ viewing pleasure.

Set in Congregational Hall, and presented as ‘Dance4 Presents... Improvisation Congregation’, it really was a crazy concoction. We had all four dance artists and one musician set within a sunken hall, surrounded by rows of pews.

While the musician, Jamie, worked with strings, organs, keys, he manipulated the set using digital means. The dancers were left to improvise around the space, which looked beautiful and weird and mesmerising, especially with the backdrop of pews and expansive arches encircling the scene.

I bumped into a few friends who came the following night, and were happily surprised by their reviews [I wasn’t sure what their take on it would be]. Apparently, they found it pretty funny at first, quickly got sucked in, wanted to join the performers and had consequently been talking about it to people all day. It’s awesome to get the opinion of those who might never have experienced anything like that before...

The building had a constant flow of people, [which was possibly helped along by the fact we occasionally had six foot metal dragon stationed outside our doors], and the night was a great success for Nottingham all round.


Who’s up for checking out Paris’ Nuit Blanche next October?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Friday February 06 and Sunday February 06 2010
+ Nottingham Playhouse
+ Over 300 Performers
= Fun tiiiiimes.

As one of the biggest projects I’ve supported so far, it’s fair to say I was pretty... grateful I had some excellent people showing me the way!

With months of preparation, I learnt A TON about how something of this magnitude is organised. The smooth runnings of 300 young performers over two days in one of Nottingham’s premier venues [A.K.A Nottingham Playhouse] was no mean feat, but thankfully Helen, who headed up the whole project was On It.

Each day beginning pretty damn early, and thankfully we had a small crew of volunteers consisting of uni students/recent grads to help out the manic day. Helen had organised it so there was basically a running conveyor belt – in this way, we knew exactly where everyone was at any given moment, nothing was static. Kirsten, myself and the brillllliant Playhouse Staff, then managed the performers within the boundaries set – all making for a smooth, smooth night!

I love that moment in a performance when suddenly nothing else matters; you have an aim, you have a job, and you do it. Adrenaline kicks in, and everything is realising itself around you.

The performances ranged from contemporary to street, south asian inspired to ballet; something to suit everyone and perhaps introduce something new audience members. We also had Vernon Coaker, along with our Director, Paul Russ, presenting speeches before the shows, which I felt was quite an honour.  [For those not aware, Vernon Coaker is Minister of State for Schools and Learners. Great that he must see this as an important opportunity for young people!]

For photos of the performances, check out Dance4's Facebook HERE and HERE!
All photos by the marvellous David Severn. Big up!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Save BBC6 Music!

image courtesy of Save BBC6 Music

For a detailed explanation on the situation, read HERE.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Leicester: Big Screen

Something to note for Leicester-ites. I got this email a while back, but after meeting few more Leics-dwellers at last months EMPAF Event [tres interessant, and I might post about this event soon. Any creatives within the East Midlands participatory arts scene should check these guys out. Now!], I thought, I may as well add info I receive for our regional brother!

"Think of it as a city centre venue rather than a big screen. There'll be live opera and concerts, interactive games, events, short films by local film makers, artistic pieces and videos from local bands.

The screen is one of a growing number of Big Screens across the UK and will be a showcase for community projects, film makers, bands and artists from across the region and beyond.

With its camera on top and ability to relay live events, Leicester's new Big Screen is much more than just a big telly. Why not make sure you're on it?"

words courtesy of BBC Leicester
Find out more HERE.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I'm still alive!

I'll give you an update as to my absence in a few days...

Keep your eyes peeled!

Good stuff.