Saturday, 7 November 2009

This started on Friday. We're going to do it every week...

The Friday Feeling

Usha is a

Are you from Nottingham?
Yes I am.

What do you think of the creative scene in this city?
Sometimes really good, sometimes quite random, some quiet times.

And what brings you to our building?
I’m here to do some experiments with my friend Marcus.

Have you enjoyed your time here?
Yeah! We want to use the space more, we’ll be back next week!

How many times have you been to the building?
Many, many times. I’ve been coming here years back, for performances, workshops, to run workshops, over fifty times easily.

How long have you been involved in the Dance sector?
All my life. 

"As a child I loved moving, movement’s very special to me."

What’s been a highlight for you this year?
Go Ape!

What's you’re favourite tea?
Bog standard builders brew.

When we say Dance, you say…?

If you could ask us one question, what would it be?
What makes you smile?