Sunday, 8 November 2009

Kioskiosk in Nottingham

One of the first wee outing's I got as Creative Apprentice at Dance4 was perdy damn cool.

The launch of Kioskiosk in Nottingham. With Wayne ['Seriously, he's going to be here? In Nottingham!?'] Hemingway.

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The idea of Kioskiosk is to give small creative businesses the opportunity to showcase and sell their wares to the people of the streets. And we're lucky enough to be the only city outside of London to be part of this programme that was launched by the co-founder of super label Red or Dead.

The Kiosk, which is run on an application basis, is rent-free and comes as an answer for those up-and-coming businesses who are faced with walls when trying to startup their companies. It's been noted that there are 60 000 design students in the UK - and this number keeps on growing. Those of you who want to get involved in this round of Kioskiosk may be too late, but click on the calendar to see who's in there on what day and support those who made it through!

++ Pelham Street [right opposite Homemade]
++ Every day
++ 30 September to 31 December

Lovely Jubbly!