Thursday, 19 November 2009

Arts Award

Heard of it? Some might. Some mightn't.

A rough guide to the Arts Award:
#1 You can do it in your own time
#2 You do the things that you're interested in creatively [i.e. you're not forced to paint pictures, or make a music a music track when what you really want to do is host a fashion show]
#3 You work with advisers who guide you through the process
#4 You can do it in a group
#5 You can participate at different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold
#6 You can take part as long as you're under 25

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Basically set up as an Arts Sector version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Arts Award is on the National Qualifications Framework. Those of you who want something to show for your hard work, those of you who are interested in working in the Sector and want to focus on getting a bit more experience, those of you who simply want a varifiable excuse to go and review a theatre piece when all you'd usually be doing is catching the latest Miss Marple, may find this interesting.

"Arts Award aspires to support any young person to enjoy the arts and develop creative leadership skills."

LINK = HERE with a more comprehensive guide...