Friday, 6 November 2009

For the blog at work

CA - Part One: Before

It’s just over a month and a half since I started at Dance4 as Creative Apprentice. And it’s just over a week since the end of nottdance09. Strange that. So much has happened in my time here that it seems a little bit weird to try and sum it all up in blog entry.

While I’m sure you’d love to hear about my first couple of weeks, and how I majestically learnt how to deal with a stubborn printer, how I ceremoniously used a franking machine by my own accord, or how I [semi-] mastered the art of the tea round [all very impressive, I think you’ll agree], we’ll stick to the good stuff. The meaty stuff. nottdance09.

Right now, the office is pretty still, oddly still; my only real experiences of working in Dance4 are a flurry of new names and faces entering the place, artists from around the world in the studios rehearsing, dates and meetings flung into my [seriously] tiny diary, people in and out delivering props, branded material and the like [umbrellas anyone?].

Some of the most interesting things pre-festival, were simply having the artists around. One of them using the space asked for our musical suggestions for his piece, and after having a sharing, a couple of tracks were definitely recognised [a proud moment for all involved…].

Helping/shadowing the orchestration of other projects and working on licensing were [probably secretly, definitely geekily] enjoyed by yours truly. It was also kind of comforting to know there were other people out there who had my obsession with lists. These things were flying everywhere.

I feel pretty lucky and extremely thankful. Soaking up everything I can, and learning as much as is possible, is why I’m here after all. And I like it.

Your Creative Apprentice,

PS – I apologise for all the brackets. Be prepared for more.