Sunday, 20 December 2009

Before Christmas

It's been such a mental few months..! Christmas break now.

It's about time I mention the Dance4 Christmas party we had laaaast Friday. Mr Mans, Mr Mans... I bow down to you. Good night.

On Saturday we took part in the [uber-special] Sneinton Arts Market featuring not only Dance4, [bringing Maison Foo and The Force], but Backlit, Tether, Can, Hatch [with their Santa's Workshop] and many many others. Were you there??

+ Sneinton Market
+ Saturday 19 December
+ 10.00am-4.00pm

Hopefully we'll be getting some photos up soon, when we're back in the office, to commemorate the day.

The event was pretty good, despite the aching cold and my [too] late discovery of a marquee holding magic fire. There was a whole load of talk about the regeneration of the Sneinton area, especially the Square, and the role of the Arts in that process. Opinions were flying about everywhere. For a slice of what people had to say, look out for the interviews hosted by Tether's Tethervision on their website and HERE. Coming soon to a laptop near you..