Monday, 17 May 2010

Ont Telly [#3]

image courtesy of GIF Party 

Yesterday, my Ma came running into my room.

"Sarah! You have to see this! You have to come downstairs! Schuman... That man.."
"You know, the one who takes nice photographs... Of the people in nice clothes.. Sean?... He's on TV!"

She was talking about Scott Schuman, the creator of The Sartorialist... arguably one of the biggest style blogs around.

Earlier, she'd  told me how she's started watching a programme on Sunday nights about great artists. She started telling me all about Matisse, how he's amazing, how he's influenced so many things, how the programme ends with a big shock, and how I need to watch it.

Anyway, this weeks Modern Masters episode was about Picasso and has Scott Schuman [among others] on it. If you have a spare hour, my Ma would heavily suggest you watch it.


The Modern Masters crew seem to have a whole host of things happening right now... Get clicking HERE.