Friday, 23 April 2010

60x60 Secs

Earlier this week I ventured out into the abyss, wandered along the winding streets and landed in the unfamiliar dusty roads of India and Pakistan.

Actually that's a fib; I just went to Broadway to see a film. And, well, that's another fib, because what I really saw was 60 films. 60 films in 60 minutes.

'How can this be?' you ask. Surely you must be some kind of crazy, stabby youth who has gone delusional with all that sugar and caffeine*.

Well, really it's all down to Ali Zaider, Artistic Director of motiroti

"60 films, 60 artists, 60 seconds... London based artist's initiative motiroti commissioned established and emerging artists from the South Asian diaspora to present their unique personal perspective on identity and home in an age of globalised cultures. Using the one-minute format, these films reflect on the complexities of hybrid identities and
the visible and invisible borders of nationhood."

You can read more about the wider context of 60x60 Secs at the 360degrees website, which explains the three year programme of cultural explorations led by motiroti.

An interesting watch; if you didn't make it, then I'm sure you'll get another opportunity, so look out for it! Ali is actually coming up to Nottingham on Thursday 6 May to discuss the film and the project at New Art Exchange.

Find out more about it at New Art Exchange or at Digital Broadway.

courtesy of motiroti [Who can spot Hetain Patel?]

*If you buy a filter coffee at Broadway, you get free re-fills. [Dangerous] Fact.