Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mr Penfold

image courtesy of Mr Penfold/Subism

On Saturday afternoon [amid the MediaCampNottingham2 madness], I caught a bit of Mr Penfold's live show at Montana Shop, Nottingham. Based in Cambridge, he's been in Nottingham quite a few times, and I remember seeing some stuff at a previous Subism night last year. [N.B. For those who haven't experienced a Subism night, keep an eye out on Facebook. They'll be re-launching their website soon..]

"The paintings have strong linear elements. These are gracefully drawn outlines which work both with (and against) the ground. Much of the work features people he has observed in bars and pubs. He uses screenprints, woodcuts and etching to make his prints. This is a natural extension of the work he does in a professional printmaking studio where he works with many well known artists."